Skipping college meal plan

2010-01-08 22:49:29 by Moiunda

In my university, the meal plan is a pay-as-you-go sort of thing, with the buffet being $5 each sitting. Let's say 3 meals a day, 7 days a week for a month, and it all adds up to about $420. Well, I experimented, and figured out that buying two of the two pound bags of cereal (Fruity Dyno-Bites, and Berry Colossal Crunch), and two gallons of 1% milk, replacing all the meals will keep me going for about 8 days. That's only $13! So I only end up paying about $50 a month in groceries.

Why cereal? I won't get near veggies, fruits, or meat, because of some kind of eating disorder (I regurgitate most of those types of foods). I probably need to start buying multi-vitamin pills to make up for some of the missing vitamins though.

New to signup, not new to NG

2010-01-02 10:26:07 by Moiunda

I have a faint idea of what's going on here on NG. I want to jump it!